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E-commerce Product Photography vs Fine Art Photography

E-commerce Product Photography vs Fine Art Photography: a thin line of separation

At a brief glance, you may feel that all type of photography is essentially the same thing -- still images of inanimate or animate objects. However, once you take a closer look, there’s a slight difference between e-commerce product photography and fine art photography.

E-commerce product photography is when objects are photographed with the aim to promote and sell it online. On the other hand, fine art photography is when photos capture the vision, or image, of the artist (or in this case it’s the photographer). In other words, the camera becomes the photographer’s art tool used to create a creative work of art.

Although both types of photography use the same camera to produce a photo, depending on your needs, you may only require one type of photography to accomplish your objective.

Why E-commerce Product Photography?

Do you know that 80% of what people remember is from what they saw, and the other 20% is from what they read? This means even though having catchy call-to-action phrases, attractive headlines, and informative content is an important marketing tool, showcasing your product visually through any platform is more important. And nothing is easier than having attractive, professionally-taken photographs for your company’s product, or also known as e-commerce product photography.

It sounds simple, but producing the image correctly is a different story. There are three main things you need to remember in order to achieve a great e-commerce product photography: photography equipment (such as camera and lighting), background (black, white, or other colors), and staging (where and how you set up the product).

Why Fine Art Photography?

Just like how painters express their ideas through their colors, shapes, and lines using a canvas and a paintbrush, artists who uses cameras to express their ideas are known as fine art photographers. There are three things you can do to transform your photo so it becomes recognized as a type of fine art photography: framing, film selection, and positioning.

Framing means how you lay out, or crop, the scene so the scene portrayed in the photograph showcase your vision.

Film selection means the type of film you use in your camera when photographing. There are two main choices for film, which are color and black and white. Depending on the message you’re trying to express, one may be more preferable to the other.

Lastly, positioning means how you’re going to place the camera and shoot the scene. This may include shooting it from a certain angle or at a certain time.

Which one is right for me?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself “What’s my objective of having the scene or object photographed?” If it’s to tell a story or showcasing your vision with an artistic flair, choosing fine art photography would be a good choice for you. But if it’s to promote and sell your objects online, choosing e-commerce product photography would be a better choice for you.