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Introducing the clothes you made to the market is not as simple as it used to be. Unlike in the past, having a unique design is now not enough to attract customers. With the world becoming digitalized, more and more people are turning online to research for the newest fashion styles, learn what’s currently in trend, and shop for all the clothings they need. This means that you can only succeed if you attract their attention on the web. One simple way to achieve this is by having top-notch product photo.

As an experienced photo shooting and retouching company, the 9th Studio knows and understands how to make your clothes stand out in the market. To help your clothes sell out all the time, everywhere, our team will first discuss about your expectations and goals for the images. Afterwards, we will start working together with you throughout the entire photographing and retouching process. This ensures that each product photo created by our photo shooting and retouching company meets all your image requirements.

Our team can also create any product photo style as requested, whether you want us to photograph the items using a mannequin, a real model, or just the item itself. Our years of experience has enabled us to know how to create different image styles while making your clothes exceptionally stand out and sell.

And no matter how soon you need your product photo, our team can always make it happen. Our photo shooting and retouching company has more than 180 employees located globally. As such, we are always ready to work around your schedule to photograph and retouch images of your adult or children clothing line so you can meet your deadlines.

In this section, discover successful clothing product photo projects done by our photo shooting and retouching company.

Our Product Portfolio

For the past 10 years, we have been in charge of various photography projects for clients in various industries. We have separated our portfolio into four categories: product, food, clothing, and accessory.

Please take a look at several of our works that we have accomplished for various clients from previous projects.