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What is Staedtler?

Staedtler is a German company that produces writing instruments and other stationery -- such as pens, pencils, erasers, and more.

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Staedtler green pencil sharpener product photo
Staedtler pink pencil sharpener product photo
Staedtler purple pencil sharpener product photo
Staedtler Luna 48 watercolour pencils box product photo
Staedtler Luna 48 watercolour pencils box product photo
Staedtler Luna 48 watercolour pencils box product photo


Despite it being based in Germany, its products are marketed and sold worldwide. As such, it was important for them to have quality product photo to promote their new products.

Consequently, Staedtler had given the 9th Studio the opportunity to produce product photo for their products, which is then used for both print and online channels.


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Requirements for the product photo

Before we started photographing the products, our team had a discussion with Staedtler to understand their expectations and requirements. From the meeting, there were several points that they requested from us:

  • Follow specifications from Germany
  • Produce high-quality product photo within a precise timeline
  • Optimize our photography and photo retouching process
  • Accommodate special expectations from customer
  • Form a professional team for the project
  • Understand customers located worldwide, especially Western and German expectations
  • Have product photo suitable for both print and online usage

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Our actions

As a German-based company, it was critical for them to obtain product photo that reach the same standard as how German-created images are. To accomplish this, our Thailand-based photo retouching company strictly followed international specifications for photography.

After the photography session, our team also had a hand in retouching the images for the final images. Several techniques used for this stage include photo composition, color correction, and marketing imagery.

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Takeaway from the project

Throughout the process there were several things our photo retouching company learned. First, we learned how to finish the project within a short time frame, while meeting client’s specification, without requiring much change to our working process. Second, we were also able to understand how our photo retouching company can deliver the product photo with the same quality as how it is in Germany.

Our Product Portfolio

For the past 10 years, we have been in charge of various photography projects for clients in various industries. We have separated our portfolio into four categories: product, food, clothing, and accessory.

Please take a look at several of our works that we have accomplished for various clients from previous projects.