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What is aCommerce?

aCommerce is one of the leading end-to-end e-retail service distributors based in Southeast Asia.

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They offer everything a business needs to start operating online, with their comprehensive service ranging from e-commerce platforms and supply chain to delivery and customer service.

Consequently, aCommerce had hired the 9th Studio to produce images for their company, which was then used for their online channels.


Requirements for the photography shoot

Before we started the shoot, our photo shooting and retouching company team had a discussion with aCommerce to understand their expectations and requirements. From the meeting, there were several points that they requested from us:

  • Produce images suitable for online usage
  • Have reliable timeline
  • Maintain high photo quality standards
  • Efficient workflow
  • Require small batch sizes
  • Understand customers from various cultural backgrounds -- especially German expectations
  • Understand different clients’ portfolio have different expectations, even if they’re all in the same company



Our actions

It was crucial to obtain high-quality images because the company constantly deals with many international clients. To ensure this, our photo retouching company had constant prompt communication with aCommerce. Our Thailand-based photo shooting and retouching company also strictly followed international specifications for photography.

After the photography session, our team also had a hand in retouching the images for the final images. Several techniques used for this stage include retouching and color correction.

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Takeaway from the project

There were several things our photo shooting and retouching company learned throughout the project. First, we learned how to maintain quality control (QC) to meet their high expectations. This was achieved through our meticulous photography, retouching, and QC process. Second, we were able to perfect our working process so that we could deliver all the images within a tight deadline. Last, our photo shooting and retouching company team also learned how to be more flexible and creative to reach our client’s expectations.

Our Product Portfolio

For the past 10 years, we have been in charge of various photography projects for clients in various industries. We have separated our portfolio into four categories: product, food, clothing, and accessory.

Please take a look at several of our works that we have accomplished for various clients from previous projects.