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In the digitized world we live in today, everything is about visual. This means the better you can captivate your target audience through any visual media, the better you can sell your products. This is because many people nowadays research about the product through the web first before purchasing it.

Another reason why having excellent product photo is vital is because some people prefer to purchase their goods online. For these people, uploading a high-quality product photo will effectively incentivize them to purchase the goods. This is because they’ll be able to see the features and benefits of the items much more clearly.

To help our clients sell their goods, our photo shooting and retouching company have handled various Product projects for many clients. These projects include photographing and retouching images for products like stationeries and books.

In our photo shooting and retouching company, we help you create images that you want. Whether you want your product photo to focus on the items’ functional aspect or its aesthetic, you can discuss it with our team and we’ll make sure that the product photo meet your expectations.

Our photo shooting and retouching company can also help you create images that have a different image concept from your competitors. Regardless of what and how many items you need to photograph and where you want your shoot to take place, the 9th Studio ensures that you only get unique, top-quality images that help you sell your products.

No matter how much time you have left, the 9th Studio is always ready to work around your schedule and create superior images. Our photographers, customer service team, and retouching personnels will make sure that all the photography and retouching processes are completed and delivered on time.

In this section, you can discover the various product photo projects that our photo shooting and retouching company have accomplished in the previous years.

Our Product Portfolio

For the past 10 years, we have been in charge of various photography projects for clients in various industries. We have separated our portfolio into four categories: product, food, clothing, and accessory.

Please take a look at several of our works that we have accomplished for various clients from previous projects.