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Creating images is not an art, it’s an Experience

Taking photos of your products may sound simple, but creating product photos that can help you sell may be one of the hardest things to accomplish. Our years of experience in this industry has enabled us to produce top-quality images that grab your target audience’s attention and makes your products sell all the time.

Throughout the years, we have hired and built our photography team with experienced photographers. This has allowed us to perfect our product photography skills in different industries such as fashion, jewelry, FMCG, e-commerce, printing, lifestyle, product, location, and studio photography. As a photography company, our vast experiences in various industries have given us the opportunity to handle photo shooting and retouching projects for many international brands.

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Product photo shooting process

To ensure that everything goes according to schedule, a team will be assigned to you to handle all issues pertaining to the project.

At our photography company, the photographing process can be outlined in 8 steps. They can be further separated into two parts; before and during the shoot.


1. Receive goods from clients - receive and check whether all items have arrived and are in good conditions
2. Shooting preparation - for example: ironing clothes, cleaning products, and understanding the products’ specifications and/or the location for outdoor shootings
3. Check customer expectations
4. Create a photo shooting guideline - the guideline will differ depending on the location of the shoot and the type and amount of products


5. Photoshoot of the goods
6. Send images to retouching team
7. Send images to customers - the retouched images will be sent to the customer to finalize it
8. Make any adjustments, if necessary - the images are sent back to the retouching team if the customer feels they are not up to standard yet

Our Product Portfolio

For the past 10 years, we have been in charge of various photography projects for clients in various industries. We have separated our portfolio into four categories: product, food, clothing, and accessory.

Please take a look at several of our works that we have accomplished for various clients from previous projects.